My Family

My daughter is now 14 and she is so beautiful, she would beg the differ, but  i told her she needs not to think that way. She is in 8th grade and doing good, even though every year is getting harder for her, but i told her life is always gonna get harder it's just how u decide to handle it. She loves to read, be on interent, and LOVES dolphins, she wants to work with the dolphins when she gets older thats her dream, and i believe if she works at it she will follow her dreams GOOD LUCK Sis:)

My son is turning 17 in about a week, i can't believe how fast he has grown. He had some trouble in school so we pulled him out and home schooled him, and he has done BETTER every since then we put him through PENN FOSTER.COM he got to do it at his own past, and how much he wanted a day, and entered his exams online, he liked it, yes there was hard stuff and yes it wasn't a nice price, but could of been worse.. He GRADUATED this year 2011 and I'm really PROUD of him, since we have home schooled him he hasn't been in very much trouble and his attitude is alot better. He wants to be a video game designer or tester, he loves his video games. Hopefully he follows his dreams too..GOOD LUCK BUD:)

I meant my hubby through my sister, we went to the demolition derby in our town fair together with the kids, had lots of fun.He was working in a manufactured home company doing finish electrical. Then decided to go to construction company and then decided to go on his own. So now he has his own business called JERRY THE HANDYMAN, it did good for the first couple years and now that the economy is going down hill, so is his job, no one has the money to pay for things they need done. So now he is studying for his CDL  he is either going to drive semi or a garbage truck, bc either one is most likely going to have a job. He is really great to my kids and all kids, and he thinks of my kids as OUR kids, he is a great guy try to keep our family going..Thanx so much we love u :)

I'm just a stay at home mom that is learning how to blog and i think i learn things every day about it, i don't know if i do half of it right and forget some of the stuff i did learn. I am also going to work on getting my high school diploma, NO i never got it because i ended up pregnant for my son at well a young age, and tried different times to go back but it was hard but soon like amonth i will b working on that..GOOD LUCK 2 ME:)

No she nor her kids live with me,but awhile ago she moved 2 hours away from me and i MISS her and the kids OH so very much! I get her going all the time ask her if she is home we are almost there and just pick on her, which half of time she don't think it's funny..But she does get me back too.
I Have 2 neices and 2 nephews, and they are alos great kids when they wanna be and growing so fast,and doing great in school, keep up the good work love u bunches. My sissy has went throught alot and i'm sure a little harder then before bc we were there to help each other through it all.I ask her all the time if she would move back here and she won't but i won't move there either, so we get together every now n then use to be more when she first was gone but since then job losses and gas prices we can't afford it that much anymore..LOVE N MISS U SISSY BUNCHES:)